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Owen Lewis Change Expert

Hey There

Thanks for checking out my site Towards Your Transformation.

You have arrived at the right destination to begin to uncover the change you are seeking...

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If you have any queries or anything specific that you would like support with do not hesitate to reach out.

All About Me

Hi and welcome to Towards Your Transformation. I am Owen Lewis, an expert and deeply committed in discovering a path of change for others to be able to help them realise their potential. As someone who is a specialist and passionate about supporting others to discover the change they need in their lives; I have not always been in such a position, having arrived from overcoming my own personal struggles and difficulties.

Going back over ten years and in full time employment, I encountered profound and unprecedented difficulties with my mental health. Encountering depression and anxiety that severely impacted my performance at work and within my personal life. Leading eventually to me losing my job of over ten years.

Building back from this point, I gradually learnt to rediscover strength within myself and understand how my historic patterns of thinking had hindered me. I found my way to NLP and Hypnotherapy. Progressing to training at Masters level.

As  I expanded my knowledge I established my own private practice to be able to support and enable others. I have enjoyed being able to help a wide range of individuals to discover the change that they want in their lives.

I am happy to discuss how I can help you on a range of issues including:

Anxiety; Overcoming Stress; Self Confidence; Dealing With Anger; Sports Performance; Weight Loss; Phobias; Sexual Performance; Changing Habits; Stopping Smoking; Boosting Business Performance.



When I'm not supporting others on their journey of transformation, you may well find me out running, training for my next challenge, or singing with my choir. 

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